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1. Health starts with the right mindset.  If you’re focused on all of the things that have gone wrong and how much pain you’re in, you will not recover in the same way you would if you focused on what you’re going to do to get better.  Your spirit dictates a large portion of your physical experience.


2. The little things are the big things.  Choose daily to do the right things.  Skipping sweets for one meal can turn into a cascade of healthier choices.  Waking up 30 minutes early to do some push ups and stretches can have huge consequences.  Hugging your son or daughter before bed matters. The little things add up, and turn into the BIGGEST things in your life.  We are the sum of the choices we make. Choose wisely and start today.


3. No one is responsible for you, but you.  WPT can help you.  Others can help you.  But things will not change for you until you’ve decided to take the responsibility for yourself and take actionable steps toward what you’ve decided.  Elevate the understanding of your conscious and subconscious thoughts. Know yourself. Become aware of the excuses, and tell yourself a different story.  “I don’t have time” is the adult equivalent of “my dog ate my homework.” Own your choices.


4. Community is crucial. Find the support you need to help you along the way.  Though no one else is responsible for your decisions, being in a community of people that will build you up and help you on your journey is critical.  Being human make us social creatures. We are not meant for a solitary journey.


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