Jane's DIMs and SIMs

Meet “Jane Doe”, who had been struggling with 10+ years of chronic low back pain that had affected her quality of life, and greatly reduced her mobility and freedom.

Through a lot of listening and education, Jane was able to recognize a lot of the Dangers In Her, as well as the Safety in Her.

Here is a list of some of “Jane’s” DIMs:

Cold weather

Staying home all of the time

Only taking pills to decrease her pain

Telling herself “I have fibromyalgia, and I’ll just have to live with this forever

Feeling anxious/depressed

Thoughts that her employer “had it out for her”

Thoughts that her husband “didn’t believe how bad I hurt”

Confusion about what other healthcare providers have told her why she hurt

Inflammatory foods like sugar, particularly drinking a lot of soda

Being afraid of movements for fear that they will hurt

Here is a list of SIMs she compiled:

Friends that supported and loved her

Spending time with her dog

Talking to her encouraging daughter on the phone

Gentle exercise, particularly riding her stationary bike at home


Learning more about her pain

Belief in her PT

Feeling optimistic

Telling herself “there’s light at the end of the tunnel”

We want to encourage you to take inventory of some of the things that feel like a threat to you, as well as the specific things that make you feel safe.

They’re always individual and unique and they can be difficult to identify, but this is the fastest track for a full recovery from your pain!


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