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New WPT Video Series!

We are really excited to announce a new video series that we will be putting out called “WPT Principles”!

First things first, we believe in the power of transparency. If people have access to what we believe and what we value, they’ll be better able to judge if we’re living up to those principles.

By putting our principles out there, potential partners of ours won’t have to guess what WPT values.

This also goes for any potential hire WPT makes. You’ll know exactly what we think, what guides our decision making process, and what direction our company is taking.

Finally, we want the current WPT team to know exactly what WPT is going after. This may seem unnecessary for an organization of only 12 people, but in the words of someone much smarter than Cliff, “What is obvious to you is obvious to you”. Nobody knows what you thinks unless you’re crystal clear.

So stay tuned! We’re very excited about this new series and we hope you are too!

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