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Patient Testimony | Amy

Amy has been a patient of ours for a few months and she is a textbook example of why it is so important to see a physical therapist if you are having issues with your ability and freedom to move. I sat with Amy for a bit to ask her some questions about her story…

How long have you been coming to WPT and what made you decided it might be time to see a PT?

“I came because I was trying to get in shape for my New Year’s resolution and I kept struggling because I was having this horrible pain down the back and inside of my left leg. I thought it was my hamstring and tried to doctor myself up but I wasn’t making any progress. After a few months I figured I should probably get some professional care and I did little research and found you guys, made an appointment and came in.”

What was your biggest fear when it came to your hamstring pain?

“My biggest fear was that I was not going to be able to practice yoga unrestricted and not be able to run again. Those are two areas of my life that help me reduce stress and I was not able to use them as outlets. I was feeling pretty frustrated by that and worried that I was getting older and maybe that has something to do with it.”

Who did we pair you up with and what sort of plan was made in order to address your issue?

“You paired me up with Tyra. She has been wonderful. I think the biggest thing that I noticed when we first started was that she was listening and dug deep for things that I never thought about considering and asking me about things including pregnancy and birth and that’s how we figured out that probably the root of my problem was my pelvic floor and not my hamstring or my leg muscles”

What do you think would have happened if you did not come to PT?

“I think if I had not come to PT this would’ve been a vicious cycle of me trying to get on the treadmill, feeling pain and getting off and giving up for a couple weeks trying to ice it, rest it, and take some anti-inflammatories, then trying again and just getting more and more frustrated and more and more out of shape.

Amy left off with this quote:

“If you are a woman in particular who has lower back pain leg pain some sort of pain that you’re not really sure what’s going on or you have urinary incontinence/ stress incontinence that sort of thing first of all know that you’re not alone, know that there is help out there, and know that the help might be in your back door right here at Wonsettler”

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