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Michelle S.

Neck Pain

Michelle, a secretary at Bentworth Elementary School, had been dealing with neck pain. It was progressing to a point where driving was becoming difficult. Michelle began seeing remarkable improvements after her few couple of sessions with Lenny. WPT continued monitoring her progression and adjusting her plan accordingly. 

Bruce B.

Knee Injury

Bruce slipped and fell down a flight of stairs. After fighting through the pain and discomfort for several months, his friends began commenting on his noticeable limp. At that point, he decided to take action and visit WPT. We attacked the problem at the source and now Bruce is back to his daily walks with his wife, pain free.


Knee Injury

After visiting several physical therapists in the past, but experienced little progress. He decided he was going to give WPT a shot. The customized approach the WPT offers was a huge improvement over his previous experiences. He is experiencing now less pain and less headaches. 

"It feels amazing to be able to get back out and do the things that I was doing before." 

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